In the Office 2008 Blogger Lounge

I am currently in the Microsoft Office 2008 Blogger Lounge, here at MWSF2008. The purpose here is to write blogs in comfort. But there’s no WiFi or ethernet, so I can’t exactly post this from here. Pretty lame.

They do have M&M’s with Office icons, which is clever and tasty.

AHHA, I just found the instructions, which they didn’t tell me about. It’s a private network (no announced SSID) called “mslounge”. I’m on it, and it’s working.

So that I can honestly say I sat on this comfy leather furniture I’ll post this entry, complete with a photo. Here are Herb and I.

Photo 35-1

The M&M’s:
Now if that doesn’t make me want to go out and get Office 2008 I just don’t know what will. (Then again I qualify for a free copy, so don’t read all that much into the prior statement.)

More iPhone impressions

Some more thoughts…

Safari understands RSS, using the “secret” address. Odd, but I guess that’s how Apple will keep network use down. It doesn’t auto-recognize RSS feeds like Safari Mac does (with the RSS icon in the URL bar). You need to find an RSS link, click on it, then you can bookmark as appropriate. They should show the RSS icon as Safari Mac does.

You can have multiple email accounts at the same time, which is nice. But it isn’t handled particularly well. When sending a message, the new message screen doesn’t tell you what mailbox you are in (you need to check before clicking the new message icon). This should carry forward.

Critically (in my opinion) – there should be separate auto-checking and notification preferences for each account. I have one account I’d like to check as often as possible. I have others which are fine every hour or two, and don’t even need notifications.

The headphone jack is strange. Others have written about this – it’s quite recessed. My over-the-ear noise-reduction headphones don’t fit. I’m sure there will be adapters available, but that’s another thing to remember. I’m sure there’s a reason for the design.

The camera’s white balance is…strange.

Overall (just so it doesn’t sound like I’m whining) I really like the iPhone. The things I don’t like are small in nature, and also (other than the headphone jack) software-related. So I shall endeavor to pester Apple as need be for updates.

If anyone is curious, I’m using the Speck Toughskin case, and Power Support Crystal Film screen protector. Both bought at the Apple Store at time of iPhone purchase. The case is nice. Not sure how I like the belt clip part of it, that’s to be determined. The screen protector is perfect; can’t even tell it’s there. No impact whatsoever on appearance or touchscreen performance.

Oh, a major iTunes issue. You can’t manually drag songs/videos/whatever into the iPhone, like you can with any other iPod. You have to sync everything, or specific playlists. I don’t like this at all. I’ve always managed my iPods manually, and really miss that ability. Hopefully it’ll come back.

Town Election: May 9, 2006

Hi! You’ve probably reached my site after seeing my email address on information about my candidacy for the Douglas Board of Selectmen.

New: Election success! Now the hard work begins. Thank you to everyone!

New: Please read excellent questions from the Maurer family, along with my responses.

I don’t maintain a personal site just for the campaign; what you see is about it. I do have a few other web sites if you are curious. My business web site is My wife and I maintain an occasional blog at It is mostly filled with photos from our cross-country RV trip in 2004 and from our wedding the year prior. I also have a very small site,, with information about my photography hobby which has turned into a minor but very exciting side business.

I also maintain two local Douglas web sites. The first is the official Town of Douglas web site at The second is the Douglas Historical Society site at I work on both sites without cost, as it’s something I can do to help out a great town.

If you have any questions about my experience or ideas for the Board of Selectman, please feel free to send me an email at or call me at 508/476-0125.

I am very excited about the prospect of serving the town on the Board of Selectmen. I hope I can have your help when you cast your ballot May 9th, so I can continue my efforts to make this an even better town.



Current Town Positions:

  • Chairman: Capital Improvement Committee
  • Chairman: School Superintendent Search Cmte.
  • Chairman: Douglas Cultural Council
  • Vice Chairman: Cable Committee

Previous Town Positions:

  • Chairman: School Committee
  • Member: School Building Committee
  • Member: Town Administrator Search Cmte.

Related Experience:

  • Business Owner, 14 years (9 in Douglas)
  • Member, Douglas Historical Society
  • Past Committee Chairman, Chamber of Commerce