iPad – is it April 3rd yet?

Apple offering pre-ordering of the iPad is interesting.  Surely easier for everyone, but loses the news coverage and excitement of everyone lining up at Apple stores.  My gut feeling is the lineup won’t be as it was for the iPhone (a new product category – more on that another day).  Anyway, I was among the thousands in the virtual line this morning.  I’ll be very busy on April 3rd so home delivery is perfect for me.

I ordered the least-expensive model; 16GB, WiFi-only, $499.  My rationale: I’m interested enough in the iPad to get one, sight-unseen.  I’ll be asked many questions by clients and around town, thus some expense is justified in being educated.  16GB is enough for moderate media storage.  I made do with an 8GB iPhone for two years.  I don’t expect to store much music on the iPad, and that’s the majority on my current 32GB 3GS.

The 3G was a tough call.  I don’t think I’ll need it – at least not much.   Like most people I don’t know how exactly I’ll use the iPad beyond showing it off.  I can see uses, but how many require live internet access anywhere?  With the 16GB model, the 3G option carries a near-25% premium on the hardware.  That’s a lot for a feature I’m not sure how often I’ll need on a device I’m not sure how I’ll use.

And the last factor – the iPad is new, thus a risk.  It may succeed.  I give it better than 50/50 odds it will.  In which case a new model will be out no later than this time next year, and then I’ll certainly buy a higher-end model.  If it’s a failure, I’ve only lost $500 on the deal which isn’t so bad for new technology.

I’ll post my regrets, oh, mid-May…

[Edit: I also bought Apple's case and dock (without keyboard).  The case looks really nice.]

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