In the Office 2008 Blogger Lounge

I am currently in the Microsoft Office 2008 Blogger Lounge, here at MWSF2008. The purpose here is to write blogs in comfort. But there’s no WiFi or ethernet, so I can’t exactly post this from here. Pretty lame.

They do have M&M’s with Office icons, which is clever and tasty.

AHHA, I just found the instructions, which they didn’t tell me about. It’s a private network (no announced SSID) called “mslounge”. I’m on it, and it’s working.

So that I can honestly say I sat on this comfy leather furniture I’ll post this entry, complete with a photo. Here are Herb and I.

Photo 35-1

The M&M’s:
Now if that doesn’t make me want to go out and get Office 2008 I just don’t know what will. (Then again I qualify for a free copy, so don’t read all that much into the prior statement.)

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