My oldest email

I ran across an interesting post regarding the font used in Woody Allen’s film titles. I briefly perused the blogger’s site, where he asked folks to post (on their own blog) the answer to the question:

How old is the oldest e-mail message stored on your computer?

For this I’m using the rule of email actually stored on my computer. I began using email in 1980, and started an old dialup BBS in (roughly) 1983. I certainly have emails from that vintage on old 5-1/4″ disks in the basement. Whether or not I could retrieve them is another question, but they’re not actually on my computer so they don’t count. It’s also likely some of these old messages are on hard copy, but again that doesn’t count.

The answer in my case is May 5, 1986. This is the oldest email stored in my small archive of VAXmail from college. It was an email from someone who worked at the college computer center, and who I helped with a student-produced play (I was on the stage crew, and at the last minute was asked to played a guy lost in the woods, a long story).

The oldest email from someone I’m still regularly in touch with is from January 27, 1987.

The oldest email that I sent which is still on my computer is from December 3, 1986.

The oldest email in my current email database (accessible via searching within appears to be December 8, 1996. It appears this is when I began using Claris Emailer and moved away from pine or elm on my first ISP unix account. I’m not quite sure this is definitely the oldest as I have dozens of old folders organized by purpose, not date, and have no easy way to show all messages by date. But from memory, that’s a reasonable date for such a transition.

An interesting search.

In the Office 2008 Blogger Lounge

I am currently in the Microsoft Office 2008 Blogger Lounge, here at MWSF2008. The purpose here is to write blogs in comfort. But there’s no WiFi or ethernet, so I can’t exactly post this from here. Pretty lame.

They do have M&M’s with Office icons, which is clever and tasty.

AHHA, I just found the instructions, which they didn’t tell me about. It’s a private network (no announced SSID) called “mslounge”. I’m on it, and it’s working.

So that I can honestly say I sat on this comfy leather furniture I’ll post this entry, complete with a photo. Here are Herb and I.

Photo 35-1

The M&M’s:
Now if that doesn’t make me want to go out and get Office 2008 I just don’t know what will. (Then again I qualify for a free copy, so don’t read all that much into the prior statement.)

It’s ok, I’m a psych major

I’m currently 32,900 feet over Wisconsin traveling westward at roughly 505mph.

Not long ago I decided I’d blog more. And, for no reason other than timing this is the first entry in that attempt. I promise further entries will be at least as shallow and unforgettable as what you see here. Move along now, you have something better to do with your time.

By the way, I’m not nor was I ever a psychology major. I just finally watched Burning Annie, a film written and produced by folks I knew in college. It’s worth a look. The line “It’s ok, I’m a psych major” is indeed from the film. The line caught my fancy. Now for all I know it’s a line from some other movie, as Burning Annie does reference quite a few other flicks (Annie Hall being primary, but good mentions of Kevin Smith and others). But given my current altitude and velocity I’m unable to Google the phrase. I will, however, insert this here very link for everyone’s enjoyment.

Brief interlude… I actually have seen Burning Annie once before, just not in a quality setting. They showed it at an arts event of some sort in NYC, and I happen to be in town (for Macworld of all coincidences). The film was shown in what could have been a concrete bunker – the audio quality was disastrous. I was able to follow along, but this was my first viewing where I could actually hear the thing. (Sad when one considers a jet a comparatively superior setting for film audio.)

I’d insert a profitable link to purchase the DVD from Amazon, but without internet access I’m also unable to do such a thing. Plus I believe it’s possible to purchase from the official Burning Annie web site as linked above, and them being the actual artists deserve the cash more than I.

I’m headed towards the annual Steve Jobs worship event, the Macworld Expo in San Francisco. I’ll be staying with Herb (who needs to blog more often himself).

Currently listening to the Waking Life soundtrack, well worth the listen.

So the question is, what shall I blog about and how often shall I attempt the creation of new entries? Should I pick a topic, and become an “expert” in said topic? Or just ramble. Currently I’m rambling, and honestly not doing a fascinating job about it. Must be that darned altitude. I have a few posts in my head which I’ll get down on virtualpaper soon enough. Monday’s a lay-low day for me, the day before the keynote address.

I’ve recently found myself an extremely minor participant in two national/international events. I should probably say something about them. They’re in extreme contrast to one another, about as extreme as one could imagine. But not today, or at least not within such a ferociously dull post. Seriously, this is tremendously poor writing, lacking wit, substance, and style. Not that I have the right to claim expertise on any of the three but I’m often a few steps upwards of where we are today. So please, stop reading now if you haven’t fallen asleep and read earlier posts either here or over at

We’re now over Wyoming, so I think I’ll watch another movie. King of Kong, perhaps.

(No, I could not actually post while in the air. But keeping true to the “I can’t look that up” theme I’m posting without cheating. I also did not watch King of Kong yet – listened to the soundtrack from Juno, took a nap, and eventually landed.)

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