Initial iPhone thoughts, suggested improvements

The iPhone is very easy to use. The WiFi works great. The EDGE is what I expected, nothing to complain about. I don’t live in a 3G area anyway. Keyboard is really nice – getting used to it fast. I’m already typing at least as well as I did on my Treo 650, and I suspect it’ll get better.

Some thoughts on minor feature improvements – I’ll use this blog as a scratchpad. I’m going to limit my thoughts to items that can easily be updated via software.

Safari – need an option “Automatically download images” like Safari for the Mac has. Make this service-specific, so I can turn this on for WiFi, off for EDGE. This would make EDGE much faster for web browsing. When images have not been downloaded, have a button when in Safari to do so. Again, just like Safari Mac.

Mail – I’d like a way to flag messages (just like and other mail clients). There is a “mark as unread” button which is nice, but a flag would be an added bonus. This is for email that comes in while on the road, but you don’t want to deal with until later.

Mail – Automatic email check needs an “every five minute” option. Yes this will drain the battery faster, but for me that’s worth it. Every 15 minutes isn’t quite enough.

Mail – Automatic email checking within specified time block. My Treo 650 had this. I set it to only auto-check email from 7am to 9pm. This was nice, as it wouldn’t beep late at night, or waste the battery if I’d forgotten to plug it in.

Mail – is IMAP/SMTP connecting over SSL or not? In you can see that in preferences. There’s no explicit option for this. I really, really only want to use SSL – especially in public WiFi areas. So this is a question, and if SSL isn’t there, please add it quickly. Update: SSL is there, just in Advanced and not during the setup prompts. Also, if you want to use a specific port, use address:port syntax. No separate port field, which is fine.

Phone – need a way to quickly search by name using the QWERTY keypad. This is an odd omission. I have 956 address book entries, so scrolling to find the name is too slow.

Well that’s what I’ve got so far. I’m going to look for a theme I like, that also works well with the iPhone. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone’s already written a decent WordPress theme…

3 thoughts on “Initial iPhone thoughts, suggested improvements

  1. Thanks for your update on the IMAP-over-SSL issue. You’re the first place I’ve been able to find searching on-line that actually confirmed that you can change the port.

  2. Would love to see an option to use enlarged keyboard keys when the phone is rotated to landscape as this would create more space for the bigger keys.
    Would work like this:
    If I’m texting I could just rotate the phone, the keyboard would rotate and in landscape mode the keyboard keys would be bigger. Make your choice accordingly.

  3. Toastie: Apple has that available to any program that wants it (Safari has it for entering URLs). I think they’ve decided not to use the landscape keyboard for applications where the main page data would be too limiting. In SMS you’d likely have only two lines of visible text once the keyboard popped up. But in general I agree, leave that up to the user.

    I’d like to see an alternate landscape keyboard – same size keys as portrait, but with a number bad on the side.