One more Mitch Cohen that I’m not

I’m writing from San Francisco, where I (as of tomorrow morning) will be attending Apple’s annual WWDC – the World Wide Developers Conference.

They encourage everyone to pick up their badges (and free goodies) the day prior to the show. So earlier this evening I walked from my hotel to the Moscone Convention Center and handed over my driver’s license. I was promptly provided a badge for “Mitch Cohen, Sony Pictures.” Keep in mind I don’t work for Sony Pictures. My badge should have read “Mitch Cohen, Proactive Interactive.”

I am not the Mitch Cohen who works for Sony Pictures. [For other Mitch Cohens who are not me, read this earlier entry.]

The poor clerk was confused when I explained I was indeed Mitch Cohen, but just not that Mitch Cohen. After a bit of explaining, she said “Ummmmm… See those people down there in red shirts that look important? They actually work for Apple. They can help you.”

The kind red-shirted folks were able to help, and confirmed my worst suspicions. There was indeed another Mitch Cohen attending WWDC, and he works for Sony Pictures. He checked in sometime prior to me. He apparently handed over his driver’s license, and was promptly handed my badge. He either didn’t notice, or thought it would be keen to masquerade as myself for the week. The trouble was, the Mitch Cohen of Proactive Interactive (that’s me) was already checked in. They couldn’t simply check me in again.

After some significant discussion amongst the kind red-shirted folks behind the table and a quick phone call for clarification from Steve Jobs (only kidding on that part) the Red Shirt In Charge decided the best course of action was to now check in the Sony Mitch (not me), and using a secret code word authorized the reprinting of the Proactive Mitch’s card (that’s me). Problem solved.

On a sad note, the kind red-shirted Apple folks will be killed off at the end of WWDC.

After some minor Googling I was unable to locate a web page for Sony Mitch. So if you know Sony Mitch, or are Sony Mitch, please drop me a note. Despite your apparent desire to be me for a week I’m sure you’re a fine fellow. Perhaps we’ll see one another at WWDC.

Just one more problem. With the exception of Steve Jobs’ Keynote Address, the entire conference is covered by Apple’s famous confidentiality agreement. So even in writing this story I may be threatening myself with legal action, bodily harm, or even the loss of Leopard Beta privileges (yikes!). But it’s worth it.

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